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June 2019

Volume 2019, Number 6




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BCRC Meeting




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Upcoming Events


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BCRC Officers 2019

Pres – Lance KC2MTO

VP – Stan NB2S

Trea–Hugh KC2OGR

Sec – Bonnie WB2ALQ





Lance KC2MTO

Don AK2S




Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;


7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

BCRC Meeting

Monday, June 10, 2019

7:00 PM - New ham questions answered

7:30 PM - Social hour

8:00 PM - Business Meeting

Program follows Business Meeting

Refreshments: Coffee & donuts

Place:  Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

(When you enter Medford Leas from Rt 70 keep right, all the way to the right, keep going through the parking lots, all the way to the right, to the right in the back.)


FD 2019

Field Day 2019 is just around the corner. We will be having a presentation on the plans for FD.


Future Programs

Member suggestions for presentations.

President’s Remarks

Now that we have had a very successful Antenna Day I look forward to seeing all of you at our June meeting. Don Corrington AK2S and Frank Huminski K2SQS, our Field Day leaders, will discuss our FD effort. Field Day is an opportunity for all of our members to reach out with HF radio and talk to FD sites across the country. I understand that beside other lunch meats the FD delicacy Liverwurst will be purchased for lunch enjoyment. See you there!


Everybody is on the mend; Bonnie, Maria, Marie and Lance.



Our best wishes for a happy birthday go out to Harold, N3UMS.

Upcoming BCRC Events

Field Day

Join us for the biggest event on the BCRC calendar, Field Day.  It runs from June 20th to June 23rd inclusive this year.  If you can attend on Thursday for antenna setup, we have a minimum of antennas to setup this year.  If everything goes well Thursday (don’t count Murphy out) we will be checking out the radios Friday and everyone can have a chance to get familiar with our equipment and operating style.  We start for real on Saturday at 2:00 PM local. The excitement ends at 2:00 PM local on Sunday. Teardown is always much easier.  Join us for the fun, friends and camaraderie not to mention a great time. Details at the club presentation for June.

Other News


It was a dark and stormy night!  But that was not this day.  June 1st dawned bright and beautiful for the BCRC annual antenna day!  Jack WA2RHJ and Del K2DOD co-chaired the event this year, and we had a nice turnout.  We even had a visitor apply for membership!  We set up a canopy, some tables, a couple rigs and thanks to Tabernacle ESB and CERT for use of their facilities and inverter for power we were all set to go.  Folks started arriving around 9 AM to drink coffee, eat a variety of donuts (Russo’s apple cider donuts were still hot!) and soon we were testing antennas.  A half dozen Hamsticks were tuned and we all learned how to set up and tune a portable loop antenna.  When all else fails read the instructions!  But we were successful since we used the antennas and completed several QSOs with museum ships weekend ships.  In between we had many a discussion about antennas.  But all good things must come to an end and just after 1PM we started dismantling our set up.  Four hours (+) of enjoying the outdoors while doing some operating, tuning antennas, and learning antennas add up to a great day!


2019 Test Sessions at Tabernacle ESB


 Note: VE volunteers need for June 9 at 2:00 PM Tech class

June 8

9:00 am

Testing only

July 13

9:00 am

Testing only

August 10

9:00 am

Testing only

September 14

9:00 am

Testing only

October 12

9:00 am

Testing only

November 9

9:00 am

Testing only

December 14

9:00 am

Testing only


For Sale

Icom IC 2300H 2M FM XCVR  65 watts $90 (for BCRC members)
Yaesu FT 257 - 70cm (430-450MHz) 5 watts HT $ 40 (for BCRC members).  Contact Frank, K2SQS (k2sqs@comcast.net).

From the Editors

Members, this is your newsletter. Send us your antenna news, your shack updates, and equipment you have for sale. Your personally written ham radio/STEM oriented or EM/Races related articles would be welcomed for inclusion as well.

BCRC Web Page

Visit our web page often!  www.k2td-bcrc.org

Sign up for the BCRC Yahoo Group as a source of more info on BCRC!  Contact Bob Nelson K2QPN for help on how to join.


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BCRC Calendar


          8            Special Trustee’s Meeting

          14          Meeting    

          22          Trustee’s Meeting


          11          Meeting 

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          11          Meeting

          23          Spring Fling Diamond Diner at 9:30 am

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          8            Meeting (order FD Gear)

           27            QRP to the Field (QRPTT)

          30          Trustee’s Meeting


            5            Warminster Hamfest 

           7           Field Day Planning Meeting: Lance’s QTH 6:30 PM

          13          Meeting

          28          Trustee’s Meeting


          1            Antenna Day:  Tabernacle ESB

          10          Meeting - Program: “FD Planning”

          20, 21     Field Day antenna setup: Tabernacle ESB

          22, 23     Field Day: Tabernacle ESB

          25           Trustee’s Meeting


           8           Meeting - FD Review & Carranza

          7-13       Carranza Special Event N2M

20            Summer Sizzler – Diamond Diner

          23          Trustee’s Meeting


          12          Meeting

          18          Skeeter Hunt

          27          Trustee’s Meeting


          9            Meeting

          21,22      NJQSO PARTY

          24          Trustee’s Meeting

          TBD        Picnic


          14          Meeting – “White Elephant Sale”

          19,20      JOTA

          22          Trustee’s Meeting


          TBD        Fall Festival

          11          Meeting

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          19          Meeting

          17          Holiday Dinner

          TBD        Trustee’s Meeting