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FebruaRY, 2019

Volume 2019, Number 2





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BCRC Meeting




President’s Remarks






Upcoming Events


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BCRC Calendar




BCRC Officers 2019

Pres – Lance, KC2MTO

VP    – Stan, NB2S

Trea – Hugh,KC2OGR

Secr – Bonnie WB2ALQ




Don, AK2S




Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;


7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

BCRC Meeting

Monday, February 11

New ham questions answered – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO


Don, AK2S will talk about what he had been up to. Don is always building something or chasing a satellite!

President’s Remarks


The weather cooperated both Saturday and Sunday, the radio waves were pretty cooperative and we had a good time reaching out across the ether. Members didn’t have to fight the ice and snow to setup the antenna. Thanks to Bob Sunbury, the Tabernacle Township EMC, we were able to use the EOC in the Tabernacle ESB.


We had fourteen attendees total on Saturday to setup and then operate. On Sunday seventeen members and guests attended. Not counting duplicates, between Saturday and Sunday nineteen members and guests came to WFD.


Contacts were made as far as California. Bob Sunbury K2UQ provided and setup the computers with the N1MM logging program. He is collating the calls and will submit them for the club. Bob K2UQ provided a Yaesu 991A, Del Davis KD2PPC provided a rig, Jack Gordon WA2RHJ a Icom 746 Pro and Lance KC2MTO a Icom 746.


The new antenna at the Emergency Services Building worked very well. It has a great SWR at 80M (SWR ~1.4:1) and is tunable to other frequencies. It was used consistently on 80M but tested on other frequencies at less than 3:1.  Our new adjustable dipole antenna worked great on both 20M (for daytime) and 40M (for nighttime). It was very easy to setup/adjust/takedown.


Our star operator was Michael Sunbury KD2NIH, Bob’s son, who made several contacts including his first DX to Ontario, Canada.  As far as operating, Saturday went from 2pm until 9:15pm; Sunday from 8am until 2pm.


The coffee guy provided Entenmann’s donuts on Saturday and the famously scrumptious Murphy’s Market donuts Sunday morning.


Looking forward to next year’s WFD!


Ron, WB2YZS; Jack, N2VW; Stan, NB2S; Erin, AC2JL and Don, AK2S all celebrating birthdays this month.

Marie, Bob’s K2QPN xyl, is recovering after back surgery.


Looking forward there are some opportunities for leadership coming in the next year:


·         Antenna Day Coordinator

·         Program Chair

·         Picnic Coordinator (coordinates a location and pot-luck contributions)

·         Holiday Gala Dinner Administrator


Perhaps you have some time to take on one of these activities. Remember the Three Musketeers credo: “All for one and one for all”.  

Upcoming BCRC Events


Saturday March 23 starting at 9:30 am at the Diamond Diner, Rt 38 Hainesport.

Other News

2019 Dues

Club dues for 2019 are due. Still only $20.  Cash, check, or money order is accepted.  See the Treasurer at the next meeting or mail your check to:

BURLINGTON COUNTY RADIO CLUB, P.O. Box 307,Moorestown, NJ 08057


2019 Licensing Classes & Test Sessions at Tabernacle ESB


February 9

9:00 am

Testing only

March 9

9:00 am

Testing only

April 6

8:00 am

Tech License Class

April 7

2:00 pm

Testing only

May 11

9:00 am

Testing only

June 8

9:00 am

Testing only

July 13

9:00 am

Testing only

August 10

9:00 am

Testing only

September 14

9:00 am

Testing only

October 12

9:00 am

Testing only

November 9

9:00 am

Testing only

December 14

9:00 am

Testing only

From the Editor

Members, this is your newsletter. Send us your antenna news, your shack updates, and equipment you have for sale. Your ham radio, STEM oriented or EM/Races related articles would be welcomed for inclusion.

BCRC Web Page

Visit our web page often!  www.k2td-bcrc.org

Sign up for the BCRC Yahoo Group as a source of more info on BCRC!  Contact K2QPN for help on how to join.


Check us out on Facebook - Burlington County Radio Club K2TD

BCRC Calendar


          8            Special Trustee’s Meeting

          14          Meeting    

          22          Trustee’s Meeting


          11          Meeting 

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          11          Meeting

          23          Spring Fling Diamond Diner at 9:30 am

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          8            Meeting (order FD Gear)

          30          Trustee’s Meeting


          11          Field Day Planning Team Meeting: Lance’s House 7pm

          13          Meeting

          28          Trustee’s Meeting


          1            Antenna Party:  Tabernacle ESB

          10          Meeting - Program: “FD Planning”

          27,28      Field Day antenna setup: Tabernacle ESB

          29,30      Field Day: Tabernacle ESB

          25          Trustee’s Meeting


           8           Meeting - FD Review & Carranza

          TBD        Carranza Special Event N2M

          23          Trustee’s Meeting

          TBD        Summer Sizzler Diamond Diner


          12          Meeting

          18          Skeeter Hunt

          27          Trustee’s Meeting


          9            Meeting

          TBD        NJQSO PARTY

          24          Trustee’s Meeting

          TBD        Picnic


          14          Meeting – “White Elephant Sale”

          TBD        JOTA

          22          Trustee’s Meeting


          TBD        Fall Festival

          11          Meeting

          26          Trustee’s Meeting


          19          Meeting

          TBD        Holiday Dinner

          TBD        Trustee’s Meeting