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August, 2018

Volume 2018, Number 8





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2017 Event Calendar






BCRC Officers 2017

Pres – Stan NB2S

VP – Bruce WA3RHW


Sec – Bonnie WB2ALQ





Lance KC2MTO




Sunday Night Nets 7:00PM 146.55 MHz FM Simplex;


7:30PM 147.15 and 145.47 MHz Repeater pl 127.3 Hz

BCRC Meeting

Monday, August 13

New ham questions answered – 7:00 PM

Social hour at 7:30 PM,  Meeting at 8:00 PM

Medford Leas Linden Room, Rt. 70, Medford, NJ

Refreshments by Lance, KC2MTO


Carranza Special Event N2M recap

Hurricane Recovery: Experiences in Puerto Rico, presented by Dennis Dura

President and Editor Remarks

The Skeeter Hunt is another opportunity to have some fun operating 5W code and 10W SSB. Check out their page on line for the rules. I understand some members may be going out into the field to operate. More info at the meeting.


Looking forward to our annual picnic on September 22, so keep that afternoon open!


Jane, Gene N2WFN's xyl, is recovering from several falls; Maria N2CIS from her fall; Frank, K2SQS his shingles; Marie, Bob’s K2QPN xyl, is progressing slowly after neck surgery; and Bonnie WB2ALQ broke her foot.


Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club Hamfest on September 10th.

Upcoming BCRC Events

Skeeter Hunt

NJQSO Party (see rules K2TD website)

The BCRC picnic will be held on Saturday September 22, at 12:30, at Lance’s.

Other News

What I have been up to ...
I am using the AIRSPY MINI SDR ($99.00) for receiving NOAA weather
satellites near 130.00 to 130.10 MHz using a Right Hand Circularly
Polarized (RHCP) antenna. While I use my 2 M satellite antenna in my
satellite station to track, there are many kinds of antennas that can be
purchased or built that will receive the pictures without the need of
tracking the satellite.

The format is called Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) and consists
of two of six channels from the main scanner. The scanner just outputs a
picture of the weather right below the satellite as it moves across your
location.   Typically I can see Hudson Bay to the north and Cuba to the
south and about 500 miles east and west of my location.

APT was first  flown in the early 1960's to allow small cheap ground
station to receive pictures of the local weather and has been flown on
every spacecraft since culminating with NOAA-19 launched in 2009 and
still operational along with NOAA-15 (1998) and NOAA-18 (2005).

I actually use four programs to achieve this feat; SATPC32 (free) to
drive the rotators and track the satellite, SDR# (free) to receive the
data as the satellite moves over my location, Orbitron (free) to provide
the Doppler correction to SDR# and WXtoIMG to display the image as the
satellite flies overhead.

For the technically inclined that data is a 2.4 kHz carrier Amplitude
Modulated with 2.0 kHz data which then Frequency Modulates the
transmitter output.

For me, this is like closure as I helped design the NOAA series of
satellite as they are today and my Dad helped design the first TIROS-1
satellite in 1960.  He did the first, I did the last.

73, Don, AK2S



I have an Icom IC-730 transceiver and PS-15 power supply for sale. This combination seems to be going for over $300 plus shipping (usually greater than $50) on Ebay and some other sites, but I am offering it to BCRC club members for $250.


The radio is a good “starter” rig. It was built the early 1980’s. The rig has been put on the air, and it covers the 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meter bands, using AM, SSB, and CW. It puts out about between 130W and 150W into a dummy load on all bands. The power supply matches the transceiver, and is controlled by the radio. Both units are very clean and in very good condition. They were not used very much.  I do not have the original manuals but I have downloaded copies and they are available.


Please contact me for more information at wa3rhw@arrl.net.



73, Bruce WA3RHW

From the Editor

Thanks for the Sunshine input Bonnie WB2ALQ and special technical assistance from Hugh KC2OGR, BCRC Web Master.

BCRC Web Page

Visit our web page often!  www.k2td-bcrc.org

Sign up for the BCRC Yahoo Group as a source of more info on BCRC!  Contact K2QPN for help on how to join.


Check us out on Facebook  Burlington County Radio club K2TD

BCRC Calendar 2017


            9 Meeting – “K2SQS, KD2ARU – BCRC By-Laws Update”

            28 - 29 Winter FD

            24 Trustees


            13 Meeting – “Skywarn” by Dennis Dura K2DCD

            18-19  ARRL DX CW

            28 Trustees


            4-5  ARRL DX SSB

            13 Meeting – tbd

            18 Brunch – Spring Fling

            28 Trustees


            1-2 Tech Class; VE Session 2nd

            10 Meeting (& Order FD Gear)  -  “WX” by Don AK2S

            22 QRPTTF

             25 Trustees


             8 Meeting – “Canals” by Doug K2QWQ

            23 Trustees


             3  Antenna Party 9:30AM Tabernacle EOC Field (cancelled – rain)

            12 Meeting – KD2ARU  “FD Planning”

            22 - 25 FD

            27 Trustees


            3-9 Carranza Special Event N2M

            10 Meeting –    KD2ARU FD Review and K2QPN Carranza review

           15 Brunch – Summer Sizzler

            25 Trustees


            14 Meeting

            20 Skeeter Hunt

            29 Trustees


            10 GCARC Hamfest

            11 Meeting

            16 - 17 NJQP

            22 Picnic at Lance’s house

            26 Trustees


             9 Meeting – K2QPN  “White Elephant Sale”

            21 – 22 JOTA

            24 Trustees

            28-29 CQWWDX SSB


            4-5  ARRL SS CW         

            11 Pizza Party – Fall Festival

            13 Meeting – “Tone Deaf”  AK2S

            18-19 ARRL SS SSB     

            25-26  CQWWDX CW

            28 Trustees


            11 Meeting Warm-Up Party

            12  Holiday Dinner